Johnny Gallant

Johnny is a Canadian singer, dancer and a songwriter. The innuendo of merging together various genres of music, that he had experienced living on three different continents in his lifetime, Gallant’s own writing and performance evokes a peculiarly unique style.

His heavy dance background gives him an avenue to express his art in a very physical way. Theatrics are a large part of his live performance as well as his sultry tenor tones always being accompanied by strong rhythm, visuals, flow and audience engagement.

Johnny’s comfort in front of a camera is an offspring of many hours spent on film sets, photo and body-doubling for movie and tv stars such as John Hamm of Mad Men, Tom Welling of Smallville and Christopher Reeves as Superman.

He has worked and collaborated alongside many acclaimed Canadian musicians like Dan Mangan, Jeremy Fisher, David Marion of Alex Cuba, Chin, Ali Siadat of Mother Mother and many more.

His recent recordings and performances include musicians Miles Black, Rene Worst, John Korsrud, Cory Weeds, Eli Bennett, Jamie Croil, Chris Davis and various other prominent jazz figures in Vancouver.

This summer, Mr. Gallant will be traveling and performing across Canada in support of his new, original release titled “Up To Heaven, And Back”.


Johnny Gallant